How Effective Is Leaflet Drop In Marketing? -

How Effective Is Leaflet Drop In Marketing?

No matter what is the size of your organization, no matter whether you are selling goods or services, it is important that you position yourself well in the world of marketing. There are various forms of direct and indirect marketing that would actually help you to reach out to the target group of buyers. The trick is to find the mode that will be effective both in terms of cost as well as impact. The moment we think about marketing, we think of leaflets distribution. This has been an age-old technique of reaching out to a large number of people. Let us see, just what makes this form effective as compared to others.


  • New Edge Design: Gone are the days when the leaflet drop was considered as a usual and boring way to reach out to customers. The new age leaflets have cutting edge technology used on them, making them far superior both in terms of quality as well as designs. These leaflets look creative and sophisticated. The best part is that they immediately grasp the attention of the customer.
New Edge Design


Bye Bye Email Mailers
  • Bye Bye Email Mailers: This was a huge hit with the IT boom. However, with time people realized the fact that most of the advertorial emails they were sending were landing in the junk folder of the customer, making it a futile attempt. This realization has brought back the importance of using leaflet drop as a marketing tool.


  • Specific Marketing: If you want to market your product or services to an extremely nice group of people, like a particular street or locality, then the leaflet drop service is the best bet you have. You can choose the area where you want the same to be delivered, making it an ideal choice for marketing honchos.
Specific Marketing


Cost Effective
  • Cost Effective: The leaflet drop mode of marketing is extremely cost effective. Hence it is an ideal choice for the small setups and startups. All, you need to do in order to reach the potential buying group is drop a leaflet through the letter box.


  • Increase Customer Base: If you are already an established company and looking at ways and means to increase your customer base, then also this is an ideal choice. You can use leaflet drop method to attract new customers.
Increase Customer Base


Promoting New Franchises
  • Promoting New Franchises: If you are into franchise business and have opened a new store, then the leaflet drop is an awesome mode to reach out to the people in the locality and tell them about your arrival.


  • Dispatch Samples: A lot of times, when companies launch new products they want to give a taste of the same to their customers. The best way to do is by sending small samples with leaflets. This way your customer base will get a taste of the product.
Dispatch Samples


Increase Market Knowledge
  • Increase Market Knowledge: You can also use a leaflet drop model of marketing to increase the market knowledge. You can include small quizzes and games in the leaflet that they can fill and send back. This will help you gather market data about the product and help you enhance the same.

In all, leaflet drop is still a great way to market your product.